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Entry #2

One Piece

2008-12-03 08:51:32 by Noemro64

Hey :) to anyone it may concern... I'm working on a new flash movie about One Piece :D
For those that think one piece is gay and retarded, your probably right, but thats only because you saw the shitty English version :P The actual anime is pro. But anyway, It's a music video and I believe it'll be pretty awesome (just gotta motivate myself to do it) Well, feel free to post motivational or just some random-ass comment :)

p.s. Woot level 8 xD


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2009-03-08 15:59:39

one piece lol luffy ryffy muaha. (random-ass comment).


2010-02-18 23:47:59

go for it :D it'll be awesome